If You Can't Convince 'Em, Confuse 'Em

true tales of the artistically insane

Sydney, NSW, Australia
The Reluctant Femme
Finley High School - Finley NSW AU
Finley Public School - Finley NSW AU
Mudgee High School - Mudgee NSW AU (1994 - 1998)
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abacii, absurdity, adventure, anais nin, ancient history, anime, art, art deco, babylon five, being childish, being hogtied, betty blue, betty page, black books, blackadder, blindfolds, blood, bondage, boys in dresses, brothels, burning things, cheesy sixties pop, collars, comics, cooking, culture, dancing, david cronenberg, david lynch, dead poet's society, degrassi high, degrassi junior high, diversity, dressing up, e.e. cummings, eccentricity, empire records, ethical hedonism, film, firm yet pliant buttocks, folklore, fretting, giggling, going quietly mad, goth and fetish fashion, hugging, human rights, ideas, imogen heap, insanity, insomnia, instore bedtesting, invader zim, jeff noon, jeunet and caro, journalism, kid confucious, kinbaku, kings of convenience, klinger, knives in garter belts, lamb, laughing, laughing at myself, lenny kravitz, live, live music, magazines, martin scorcese, me, meeting new people, memes, men, miracles, mischief, monkeys, monty python, multimedia, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, old books, originality, pearl jam, platinum grit, poetry, pony boots, preaching to the perverted, press gang, princess superstar, pro-choice, public mayhem, rainbow brite, random, reel big fish, restraints, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, rough sex, rubber, science fiction, sculpture, self-analysis, sex work, skunk anansie, snowcrash, spanking, star trek, staring into spaces, stupidity, submission, tank girl, technology, the beatles, the cure, the drugs, the messenger of death, the sandman, thinking, third eye blind, tim burton, unless trivia, vast, wolves, women, writing, you
Little pieces of good and bad and evil and wonderful and selflessness and selfishness whirling in a great vortex of perpetual confusion and uncertainty...mostly. Sometimes I'm just me. It's all a matter of perspective.

I also spew forth feminist, foulmouthed makeup reviews over at The Reluctant Femme Go on, you know you at least want to take a look.

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